Glittering finale to Royal wedding

September 24th, 2012 | Posted by royal in Uncategorized

THE Royal wedding of HRH Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah and Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hj Muhammad Ruzaini Pg Dr Hj Muhammad Yakub reached its glittering climax yesterday as the couple were feted during the Majlis Istiadat Bersanding Pengantin Diraja at Istana Nurul Iman.

The sitting-in-state ceremony, as it is known in English, represents the climax of the 10 days of Royal wedding festivities, where the newlyweds are presented to the nobility and the public for the first time.

The gilded hall of Balai Singahasana Indera Buana the royal throne room welcomed over 3,000 guests from near and far. The impressive guest list included heads of state, royalty, the cheteria (state dignitaries) and senior government officials.

Among those seated near the royal dais as special guests of His Majesty, were Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra, Philippines President Benigno Aquino, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, HRH Prince Faisal bin Saud bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, Chief Minister of Sarawak Pehin Sri Dr Hj Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sabah Dato Seri Paduka Hj Musa Hj Aman and Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najb Razak.

The lighting of the Dian Empat, or four ceremonial candles, signalled the start of the ceremony, with Yang Berhormat Pehin Jawatan Luar Pekerma Raja Dato Seri Utama Dr Ustaz Hj Mohd Zain Hj Serudin informing the head of Adat Istiadat, YAM Pg Lela Cheteria Sahibun Najabah Pg Anak Hj Abdul Aziz, that he would invite the princess bride to enter the throne room.

His Majesty then gave his consent for the ceremony to proceed and instructed the bride’s aunts, HRH Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Hjh Zariah and HRH Princess Hjh Masna to fetch the princess.

Befitting the wedding of a royal bride, an entourage of 40 spear-and-shield bearing Awang-awang of the royal court ushered the princess into the throne room.

The crowd fell silent as HRH made her way down the red-carpeted aisle, dressed in a shimmering beige and silver gown, complete with diamond tiara and a small bouquet of diamond-encrusted flowers.

The bride took her seat under the gold leaf canopy, guided by her father, His Majesty, and her mother, Her Majesty Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hjh Saleha.

Now came the groom’s turn to make his entrance, but before doing so, court customs dictated that he be sprinkled with bunga rampai, or scented flowers, and water poured over his feet.

Accompanied by 12 spearman, YAM Pg Anak Hj Muhammad Ruzaini walked cautiously down the aisle dressed in the same gold and beige tones as his wife.

His Majesty then took the groom’s hand and placed it gently on the bride’s forehead to bless her and signify the official union of the royal couple. Canons fired the 17-gun salute which reverberated through the Indera Buana Hall.

The State Mufti Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz (Dr) Hj Abdul Aziz Juned then read the salawat to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) followed by a thanksgiving prayer.

The monarch also bestowed the royal title upon the groom who will now be known as Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hj Muhammad Ruzaini.

The bride beamed a smile as her brother, HRH Prince ‘Abdul Mateen escorted the royal couple to pay respects to senior members of the royal family, including His Majesty and the Raja Isteri, before exiting the throne room concluding the ceremony.

The newlyweds and the royal family then held court with His Majesty’s special guests in a separate room of the palace.

HRH Princess Hjh Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah, 32, is the fifth child of the His Majesty, the Sultan and Her Majesty, the Raja Isteri. She holds a degree in business administration and works at the Ministry of Finance.

The groom, YAM Pg Anak Hj Muhammad Ruzaini, 29, is the second child of Pg Dr Hj Mohd Yakub Pg Hj Othman and Hjh Zainon Dato Paduka Hj Elias. He holds the post of Special Duties Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Courtesy of The Brunei Times